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On March 10, 2010 on the second floor of the Wegman’s in Sterling 4 of Northern Virginia’s computer met to discuss the latest in technology.  The topic of conversation was centered around our agenda consisting of:

There have been significant changes to hardware platforms and technology and much more to come this year.  CES (consumer electronics show) 2010 has wrapped up and our very own tech reporter Aaron is back with us in VA and ready to give us the inside scope.

Our plans are to discuss the following:

  • CES 2010
  • New Pinetrail processor
  • Latest UMPC’s
  • Tablet breakthroughs (and I do not mean the iPad)– ever heard of this one? KRT Tablet Notebook 10.2” with Windows 7

Discussion Items:

  • Lenovo IdeaPad S10-t3 Multi-Touch Convertible
  • Viliv S10 Blade

The meeting started with a video of a rather unusual product packaging.  Click HERE to check out the most unusual unboxing of any device we have ever seen.

After that we had a great review of what’s hot at this years Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  Aaron provided a stimulating report and will post his information shortly.  Thanks Aaron.

Next we discussed what is going on the Netbook and UMPC market space.  See previous post for examples.  The Apple iPad will be released soon.  But there are alternatives.  One such device is the KRT Tablet a 10.2’” fully functioning Windows 7 multi touch device with a starting point of $599.  This is just one of many tablets available worldwide.  Yes its true that here in the USA we get the short end of the stick when it comes to cool new technology devices.  If you want this one you will need a friend in China or a some extra green laying around for a round trip ticket to Asia. 

Lastly we discussed several of the latest and commercial available in the USA devices.  Both the Lenovo S10-3 tablet IdeaPad and the Viliv S10 Blade.  Personally I am fan of Viliv and so my loyalties are to the S10 Blade.  It has been getting mixed reviews.  See Chippy and JK’s joint review here.

The evening wrapped up with a last chance grab at the treats, sponsored by Computer Umbrella, Inc and a reminder that Techtoys will be meeting 2 times per month with our new starting time of 6:30 PM. 

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