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The iPad is coming, the iPad is coming….wait a minute- it is already here! Yes, we did go out and join the other early adopters of the latest device from Apple.


Apple claims this device to be, “A magical and revolutionary product and an unbelievable price.”  Maybe in fantasy land! Yes, that’s what we are claiming.  Realistically, the iPad is a bit overpriced more evolutionary rather than revolutionary.  What Apple did right, as they’ve done with most of their products post 1999 (the year in which the iPhone development was started), was design a simple to use, easy to operate, good looking device.


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One of my favorite lines from a movie is, “Explain this to me like I am a two year-old.”  Well Apple definitely made a product that a 2 year-old could pick up and start using.  Even 99 year-old Virginia Campbell can use the iPad, which has given her new-found freedom.  So let’s begin the review.

In an effort of full disclosure, I love my iPad.  But don’t be misled. The iPad is not a laptop and is not a replacement for your home computer, though there are some exceptions for mobile business owners.  In fact, if you decide to run out and try to buy an iPad today, 2 things will happen. One, you will not be able to buy an iPad as most stores are sold out, and two, you will need to sync this baby to your home computer and then activate it using iTunes.  “Did I just hear you correctly? You mean I have to activate my iPad, which is a computer, to another computer in order to use it??”  Yes, that’s correct!

If you own and iPhone then you will be familiar with this process.  If not, it might seem unusual but it’s the way Apple rolls.  Simply plug in your iPad, using the included cable, to another computer and Apple will walk you through the process.  After that, just charge it up for about 4-6 hours and you can start surfing, reading emails, or whatever else you feel the need to do- there is sure to be an app for it.


Here is the low-down dirty truth about the iPad – its great, but again, it’s not a desktop replacement and should only be considered as a compliment to the computer system that you already have.  In other words, it is a luxury item- but a very useful one at that.  I have been using mine non-stop for the past week and have really tried to abuse it.  So far, the worst things I can say is that the position of your body that you end up in while using the iPad is very bad on your posture and, some websites do not work properly.  If you have not heard, as with other Apple products, the iPad does not support Flash.  Flash is used by over 75% of all sites on the Internet.  Sites like,, and all use flash to show you dynamic web content.  No flash=no fun.


I opted to buy the 32 GB version and decided not to wait for the 3G model, which would allow the iPad to connect to the Internet, since I already have a MiFi-2200- a device that allows me to connect up to 5 computers to the Internet simultaneously to the Verizon Mobile network for Internet access.

As I begin to use it more I will post follow-ups to this blog. More to follow…..

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