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Did someone say smartphones?

If you are looking for a detailed analysis of specifications or tons of pictures then you may be reading the wrong blog. If, however, you would like a real world review of the following phones, then read on.

I have owned the following phones over the past 12 months:

1. Apple 3g iPhone – easy to use and cost effective right now

2. Motorola Droid – slide out keyboard, small screen

3. HTC EVO – large screen, bad battery, heavy

4. Motorola Droid 2 – better slide out keyboard, small screen

5. Motorola Droid Global – great for travelers

6. Apple iPhone 4 – easy to use and good on battery

7. HTC Thunderbolt – Fast Internet, bad battery, has bugs in OS

8. HTC HD7 – Easy to use OS, mediocre battery

9. LG G2x – good battery and overlay

10. Samsung Infuse 4g – Large screen, adequate battery, easy overlay

Let’s start with a quick recap on operating systems. The phones I have owned and used include Google’s Android, Apple’s IOS, and Microsoft Phone 7. Each operating system is tailored to a select group with two being mainstream. Mainstream is my way of saying it was easy to use out of the box and required no technical background or experience. The mainstream winners are Microsoft Phone 7 and Apple’s IOS 4. Sorry Android, you are a great OS but still need polishing. I have seen reviews of Android 2.3 known as Gingerbread and it looks promising. Furthermore, each manufacture of and Android device adds an overlay that changes the stock operating system. Some do a better job than others. The three most common are the Motorola Motoblur, the Samsung TouchWiz, and the HTC Sense. The winner for me is Samsung’s TouchWiz, it is the simplest to use and learn and is great for novices. Coming in second is the HTC Sense, with its polished look and great social media integration widgets. In last place is Motorola with its Motoblur, which I find to be sluggish and overwhelming. Remember try before you buy as each one has something to offer and what works for me might not be the best for you.

I have used service on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. None of them rates more than 1 star for customer service. When it comes to network, they all have problems. I am a power user who does not have time to wait for the phone to catch up with me. I am also a stickler; yes I did use that word, for customer services. Nothing is worse than calling the phone carrier and they are unfamiliar with the device or have not been properly trained. All 4 major carriers suffer from poor training. One Verizon rep didn’t even know where the battery was located on their phone. An AT&T representative didn’t know that her carrier had a Samsung model. Expect subpar support and look for carriers to blame the manufacturer. Your best approach is an online blog, forum, or ask an expert. Time is money and you will waste copious amounts trying to work with your phone carriers. Whether its minimal coverage indoors, aka T-Mobile, to dropped calls, thanks AT&T, to inconsistent data connection, Verizon is the big loser there; they all suffer from one issue after another. So let’s talk phones.

My favorite phone to date has been the Samsung Infuse 4g and the LG G2x. Both are built for speed and very little bloat ware it takes the top prize in my book for longer battery life, ease of use, good design, and overall functionality. My number two pick is the HTC HD7 and yes it is running a Windows 7 phone operating system. Simply put Microsoft created a simple, functional and visual appealing cell phone operating system. Note, that it does take some time to get used too. To round out my top three picks, coming in at number 3 is the Motorola Droid Global edition. After three revisions of the Droid phone, Motorola finally got it right. The Droid Global is a great combination of touch responsive, not as much bloat ware, and can work in more than 122 countries.

So that about wraps up our review. Should you have any questions please let me know at jstewart@computerumbrella.com or give us a call at 877-395-2666.

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