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Google Chromebook

Have you seen what Google has been up to.  Check out


Personally I like it. With that said I do not believe the masses are ready for it. Its only business ready if you buy into the cloud and can break your use of Microsoft products. I think many want to but cannot.


  • Battery life
  • Light
  • Fast boot and shut down

Not so good:

  • Small hard drive space – means all files go on the web
  • Not enough ports
  • Not so friendly keyboard/mouse
  • You cannot download and install a program – this is the biggest hurdle for most

Take a look at this article on the security issue.


It’s a great second PC or one for traveling. Those early adopters and cloud ready spirits will be pleased with this. Others may soon find the shortcomings outweigh the benefits and move back to a traditional PC. In 3-5 years I think this will be a mainstream choice and one I see many home owners or frequent travelers who have access to a full desktop will pick.

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