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Hurricane preparedness for your technology

As Hurricane Sandy approaches the Mid-Atlantic region with the potential to cause serious damage to infrastructure, please take a moment to review these quick ideas for protecting your Information Technology infrastructure.

Workstations and Printers

Disconnect power from all workstations and printers before you leave work for the weekend.

Turn off all computer equipment. Disconnect the electrical power cord from the wall or cubicle outlet. If your workstation is equipped with a UPS or battery backup, it is normal to hear beeping when you disconnect the device from the wall outlet. Turn off the UPS to stop the beeping.

It is not enough to turn off your power strip. You must break the connection between your workstation and any outside electrical sources.

**If you connect to your work desktop from home, you will not be able to access it while it is powered down.

On-Premise Servers

If you do not have a hosted solution, your server is probably located at your site. Because of the potential for Irene to cause damage, consider shutting your server down for the weekend.

Contact your e-mail provider to find out if they can queue your mail while your server is offline.

**Remote access to your network may not be possible while the server is powered down.

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