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Microsoft Surface Pro unboxing and short review


So it was early morning on February 14, 2013 and I was greeted by an extremely helpful women at the Tysons Corner Microsoft store.  Since she had the same Vietnamese last name as my wife I was treated like family and quickly shown the product I had traveled to see.  The staff at the Microsoft store was courteous and helpful.  When I asked for a Surface Pro 128 Gb I was surprised to hear, “Wait and I will go get it.”  Two minutes later I was checking out and on my way back to the office, surface in hand and soon to get my hands on the surface.

Back in the office I was delayed in starting the unboxing and needed to wait a full 24 hours until I could really use it.  Check out my unboxing below (2 parts).  Please note this is not a traditional technical unboxing and certainly not a true technical review.  It’s a real world unboxing and real world commentary.

Surface Pro unboxing part I
Surface Pro unboxing part II

My initial reaction was OK it’s a tablet and a laptop but which one should I use?  I tried to read with it, tried to work with it, and then tried to enjoy it.  None really worked well or so I thought.  What I failed to realize was I am getting older and this is a disruptive technology and Microsoft knows it.  After a few days I found I could do all three!  Sorry iPad but you now belong to my 17 month old daughter, good luck as I have seen what she can do with toys.  I can read and send email using Outlook while quickly checking my network operations center workload.  I can write a blog post and save some pictures of the family to SkyDrive.  I can even listen to Google Play music while surfing the web using Internet Explorer 10.  So how is that disruptive you ask?  I did all that with one machine and without adding multiple apps or programs.  Just installed my Office 2010 Pro plus and I was on my way.

I can hear the dissenters now, but my iPad or Android can do that as well.  All true but not natively and certainly not with full functionality.  Love Microsoft or hate them it does not matter, what really matters is can I be productive install software I already own, and have fun ALL with the same device.  My vote is yes.

This is a companion product and for all business owners or entrepreneur and really makes the case for portability and flexibility.

More to come as I start using the Surface Pro more and find its weaknesses and strengths.

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