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Tracking Hacking: The World’s Biggest Data Breaches

  This data visualization comes to us from Information is Beautiful. Go to their site to see the highly-recommended interactive format that visualizes the same data, while providing additional details on each specific hack. The graphic above shows a timeline of some of the biggest data breaches on record. Each bubble represents the number of records lost…

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Ransomware: Best Practices for Prevention and Response

Ransomware: Best Practices for Prevention and Response   The SEI offers there top two best practices for avoiding ransomware.    An Ounce of Backup The single most effective deterrent to ransomware is to regularly back up and then verify your system. More recent ransomware attacks have not only encrypted data files but also Windows system…

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How Long Will Microsoft Support My Version of Windows With Security Updates?

The recent WannaCry ransomware attack demonstrates the importance of automatic security updates. No matter how careful you are, malware could exploit a security hole over the network and gain control of your system—unless you install security patches. But Microsoft doesn’t support every version of Windows forever, and there are different types of support. For example, Windows…

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Microsoft refuses to ask RBL sites to delist Office 365 server IP addresses

Recently many of our clients have reported that outgoing Office 365 emails were going into SPAM or Junk folders at the client end. This is bad for business and bad for the reputation of a company. As a user of Office 365 we asked Microsoft for help. Below is there response. Microsoft has a duty…

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Office 365 service degradation

Today a client asked if Office 365 had an issue as email was sporadic and logins were not working to the OWA site. I checked and found there was an issue but then say it was reported as “limited with only a few customers reporting”. I decided to submit a service ticket and was greeted…

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Joke of the Week

Thanks to for this image

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Mac gets virus

Yes it is true, you can get a virus on a Mac. Apple makes a great product but they cannot stop a virus or malware from infecting your new MacBook. The reason most users never hear about a virus on a Mac is because of the percentage of Apple computers versus Windows computers. Simply put…

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Lenovo Malware installed on your computer

Do you have a retail computer made by Lenovo? Did you buy your Lenovo at a local store? If so you most likely have some bad software installed and it was installed by Lenovo. Here is their statement regarding the issue: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ LENOVO STATEMENT ON SUPERFISH Dear Valued Partner, As you may have heard, select…

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Dude, you’re blocking my internet –

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Why your company needs a chief privacy officer –

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